VIKING is now on Pinterest

Are you already looking forward to the summer and to pottering about outdoors? Are you looking for inspiration for your garden? Then we have some great news for you:

We have started collecting all kinds of garden-themed ideas for all lawn lovers, sun worshippers and DIY enthusiasts on Pinterest! Click through the link and let our boards inspire you. Along with our well-known models - our VIKING stars - you can find ideas for your lawn, instructions, DIY tips and seasonal garden trends. You can also join us for a look behind the scenes at the VIKING plant.

So how exactly does it work? Simple:

Pinterest – browse, collect and enjoy!

Pinterest is an ideas forum, where users all over the world can save their favourite images on virtual pin boards, publish them and share them with others. No matter what kind of inspiration you're looking for, you'll find it on Pinterest.

Follow us at VIKING Garden and celebrate the arrival summer with us, because….

"If you have a garden, you're already living in paradise." Aba Assa (1974)

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