The last lawn cut this year

With the beginning of spring in March, we get the first warm days and the ground starts to warm up. This is the time to clear dead leaves and branches from the lawn using a rake, a vacuum leaf collector or a suitable VIKING lawn mower.

This is because lawn growth starts again above a consistent soil temperature of around 10 degrees.  Use the warmth of the soil to repair or reseed parts of the lawn that have been badly affected by the winter weather. Spring fertilisation will also help your lawn to grow and green quickly and vigorously. Regular mulching during the previous year will ensure that the soil has an adequate supply of nutrients.

Once the lawn is growing, it should also be mown. The lawn must not be cut too short, around 4 cm is perfect. Regular mowing is important, as it is the only way for a dense and healthy lawn area to develop.
The clippings should be returned to the lawn as mulch. Disposal in a composter is only preferable if the grass is too long or too wet.