Tips and tricks for the first cut of the season

This lawn care programme will get your lawn off to a good start as we head into the new gardening season.

Spring is here. The first rays of sun are encouraging buds to sprout, and it is slowly getting warmer again. This is not only welcomed by you as a gardening enthusiasts, but also by your garden and your lawn. Because your lawn starts to grow again once the ground temperature stays above +10°C. And that is precisely when you want to resume your lawn care.

Cleaning up and cutting
Start with a thorough clean-up of your lawn. A rake is ideal for removing old leaves and branches. A STIHL vacuum leaf collector or a VIKING lawn mower with RCS will help you with this task. Repair the lawn affected by the winter weather and bare patches in the grass by sowing new seeds here and there.

The grass is growing again and your garden is dry, so now is the time to give your grass its first cut of the season – the so-called clean-up cut. Make sure that the blades on your lawn mower have also been cleaned and sharpened so that the young and tender spring grass is not damaged, which can make it susceptible to lawn diseases. Also pay attention to the cutting height of your lawn. The optimum cutting height is between 4 and 6 cm. In shadows, e.g. under bushes, the height should never be less than 5 cm. The smooth and central cutting height adjustment of your lawn mower makes it easy to set the desired cutting height. Your enjoyment of your lawn will last the longest if you mow and fertilise regularly.

If you did not mulch your lawn continuously last year to ensure a sufficient supply of nutrients, you should do a spring fertilisation. A spring fertilisation will help the grass to grow vigorously into a healthy green lawn again.

Mowing and fertilising in a single step
You can mow and fertilise your lawn at the same time. When you use a VIKING mulching mower or the iMow robotic mower, the clippings are finely shredded and spread out onto the lawn. The nitrogen content is mineralised and in this way made available to your lawn again as a natural organic fertiliser. You can find out all about the topic of mulching in the VIKING mulching brochure.

Scarifying and compressing
Regular mowing is not the only way to ensure strong growth and a dense and hard-wearing lawn. After the third or fourth cut, the lawn will be strong enough for scarifying. This process permits an in-depth rejuvenation. It improves the aeration of the soil and is a gentle way of removing moss and thatch. Water, air and nutrients can therefore reach the roots more easily, and your lawn will become more resilient. Since the lawn must first be cut back to 2.5 cm, this should be done before it gets too hot.

We hope you enjoy your optimum lawn care programme and our products designed for this purpose.

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