Summertime is care time

Healthy lawns depend on the right mix and good timing.

Summer is the most intensive time of year for lawns. The sun is at its strongest between May and August, and swings between rainy and dry periods have a direct effect on growth. People spend more time outside, putting more strain on the lawn. Grass needs the right care at the right time to weather these challenges.

The lawn should not be cut too short, as its blades provide shade and so help to retain the earth's moisture. Instead we recommend cutting the grass more often and consistently to a height between 5 and 7 cm. The warm months are the most important growth time for lawns also. During this period, one to two feeds of fertiliser will help to provide important nutrients to keep it green and lush. Watering is most effective when done in the evening. Generous watering twice a week in dry weather is optimal for making sure that the water also reaches the deeper roots. Grass under trees and shrubs can tolerate more frequent watering. Prolonged breaks between watering should be avoided during holidays – programmable lawn sprinklers or friendly neighbours can help here.

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