Sowing your lawn

Laying a lawn correctly forms the foundation for lush, beautiful grass. Even intense care cannot correct mistakes made during this process. The first step is to loosen soil with a tiller or cultivator. Then soil must be allowed to settle for a while before uneven areas can be levelled out. Soil should ideally be fine and crumbly to enable grass seed to root well. Afterwards, grass seed and starter fertiliser should be evenly spread (approx. 30 g/m²) and worked into the soil using a spike or a rake. Finally, it’s important to keep a freshly laid lawn consistently moist to stop sensitive grass seedlings from drying out.

Only use freshly sharpened blades for the first mowing so that the delicate blades of grass are cut and not torn.

Rule of thumb:
Ideally cut no more than 1/3 from the grass when mowing the lawn.

The cutting height for utility lawns should be between 3 and 5 cm depending on weather and season.

Perfect month: April