Make way for new growth

Autumn is the right time to tidy up your garden. Even little gardens produce an astonishing amount of garden waste over the course of the year. Whether it’s piles of leaves, dead flowers or rotten branches – shredders are the ideal tool for all sorts of jobs in every corner of your garden. The right tools confer a multitude of benefits that make them attractive to keen gardeners.

The main advantage of shredders is that they speed up the natural cycle, letting you shred coarse garden materials such as twigs, branches and large plants, which makes composting them into valuable fertiliser considerably easier. Combined with a composting system, it can also reduce your outgoings for artificial fertiliser, as well as the costs of disposing of pruning waste and many items of organic kitchen waste. On average, a shredder effectively reduces the volume of plant trimmings and garden waste by up to 75 %. Furthermore, this home-grown fertiliser contains valuable nutrients to promote strong future growth.

  • Choosing the right shredder depends on the composition and total volume of the shredding material. Depending on the type of vegetation, garden waste can be soft (flower cuttings or leaves) or hard (e.g. branches, twigs, hedge cuttings). The total volume will depend on the type and quantity of plant and tree material. Low-noise shredder models are now available on the market for noise-sensitive locations, as well as portable petrol-powered devices that do not require an electrical power supply. With their long feed chutes and specially constructed openings, today’s garden shredders are also very safe to use.

  • To find out more about shredding, please contact Shreddy, our official shredding ambassador. As a VIKING garden expert Shreddy offers genuine insider knowledge in bite-sized chunks: VIKING Garden Facebook Page

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