Scarifying and combing – wellness for your lawn.

Regular mowing is the most important thing you can do for a healthy, vigorous lawn. However, the substance and look of a lawn can be improved even further with two care techniques used by professionals that are now becoming increasingly popular among amateur gardeners: scarifying and combing.

Scarifying involves making vertical cuts in the soil and turf. Scarifiers have rotating double blades that go a few millimetres into the ground and remove moss, lawn thatch and weeds. This has a lasting invigorating effect on the lawn due to the fact that air, water and micronutrients can reach the roots more easily. A healthy lawn is more resistant to environmental influences like UV radiation and human use. After scarifying, the lawn needs a while to regenerate. Scarification is therefore only recommended once to twice a year, preferably in late spring and late summer. To ensure that the ground has the proper stability, scarification should be done in dry weather and at temperatures above 10 degrees.

Combing is a less intensive intervention, since it primarily consists of combing all dead plant material out of the lawn. This is done using aerator rollers whose spring-tines remove surface moss and lawn thatch from the top of the lawn. This mechanical care technique can be used to increase grass density, remove weeds at an early stage and effectively distribute earthworm castings into the lawn. It is also the perfect way of preparing the lawn for resowing, since the combing encourages tillering of the grass and increases the formation of side shoots in individual plants. Since combing results in very little wear and tear on the ground, its frequency can be individually varied.

The best way to achieve a vigorous and beautiful, green lawn is with a balanced combination of care measures – tailored to the time of year and weather.

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