Mulch mowing - Good for the environment

Using the mulch-mowing principle

When mowing the cut blades of grass are chopped up several times through a special air flow guidance system in the mower blade area, resulting in finely shredded grass particles. These cuttings are well distributed and can be left on the lawn surface, where they partially decompose and are returned to the cycle as fertiliser.

Lawn mowing using the mulch-mowing principle entails certain major advantages. Regular mulching makes the lawn more dense and greener and mulching replaces fertilising, because the grass is continually and optimally supplied with nutrients. And furthermore, there is no need to dispose of the lawn clippings.

The organic bonding of the nitrogen in the mulching material prevents it from being washed out. The nutrients are released slowly, gradually and evenly. A considerable quantity of fertiliser is saved, protecting the environment and saving costs.

Without grass catcher box and by inserting the mulching plug VIKING lawn mowers can easily be converted to mulching lawn mowers. Furthermore VIKING provides numerous versions of mulching mowers of R Series, which can be used as mulching or side discharge mowers.


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