Digging, tilling, cultivation

Why waste effort digging over by hand when there is a much easier way?
The new in-house developed VIKING tillers loosen and aerate even compacted soils. Hard clods are reduced to a finely crumbled structure so that moisture can penetrate the soil. The tillers are also ideal for laying new beds, clearing harvested vegetable patches, removing weeds and working in plant trimmings.
The new tillers are available in three versions: The HB 445 and HB 445 R feature a standard working width of 45 centimetres and are ideally suited for use in vegetable gardens and small planted areas. The HB 445 R additionally has a reverse gear. The large HB 585 tiller has a standard width of 85 centimetres and is suitable for tilling large areas and for applications such as viticulture and landscape gardening.
Ergonomically sophisticated, the new tillers provide for energy-saving, efficient working. The VIKING designers placed particular emphasis on material quality, safety and serviceability. Furthermore, an attractive range of accessories is available from VIKING for versatile tiller applications. Learn more about the new tillers here.

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