Correct watering

Grass contains of 80 % water, therefore correct watering is the first step towards a lush green - especially during the Summer. Incorrect watering in particular can destroy all the hard work of the past months at a stroke, ruining the dream of a dense green lawn and balmy summer nights in the garden. The golden rule for watering is: better to water less often and for a lengthy period than more often but briefly. During dry periods, the lawn should normally be sprinkled once or twice per week. The time of day is also extremely important with regard to watering. During particularly hot periods, the lawn should be watered either early in the morning or in the evening. Direct sunlight on the wet lawn can lead to burnt patches. As a rule, areas under trees and sandy ground need more water. A simple trick can be used to quickly determine if the lawn needs watering. If footprints are formed when walking over the lawn, it is time to water it. July is also the right time for fertilising the lawn a second time. Incidentally, mulching with a VIKING Multi-Mowerâ„¢ saves you from having to fertilise in summer!

Here you can read the recommendations of our VIKING garden expert Prof. Schönthaler on "".

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