Attractive opposites in the garden – between well-tended lawn and wildflower meadow

“Opposites attract,” so they say. For me, this adage applies very aptly to my garden and to the park at Dennenlohe Castle . The magic of variety is therefore an extremely fascinating subject for me.

It's all about the mix
In our landscape park, around the castle and in the forest management and agricultural activities, it is the biological diversity in particular that is worth conserving. For eight generations now, we have put into practice the principle that holds such a strong fascination for me. Short and precisely mown “footpaths”, which wind their narrow way through the grass and lush sprawling, wild areas – this is the contrast that is also much appreciated by the numerous visitors to our park. The opposites could sometimes not be more different – there are rare meadow biotopes, swamp and moor areas, rough pastures and marshes, stone areas, ponds, embankments, dry walls, perfectly mown lawn areas, mixed hedges and much more. All of these places also serve as refuges for insects and numerous animal species. Over 50% of the mammals, birds and fish here are classed as endangered, which is also due in particular to changes in their habitat. We wish to counteract this development as far as it lies in our power.

Magic formula – for every garden
I would almost go as far as to describe it as a magic formula, which provides for the particular fascination of the Dennenlohe landscape park. The more niches that are created in the garden and park, the richer the biological diversity. The good thing here is that this mix of opposites consisting of well-tended and wild areas is also possible in any other garden, even in much smaller ones. Order and structure in the garden can be very attractive, but you should also deliberately allow your garden to grow "wild" now and again. Even a small island area with high meadow flowers surrounded by a short-mown, neat lawn has a very special charm. Create your own space for relaxation. Give your creativity free rein – you will be surprised and delighted by the results!

Baron Robert von Süsskind

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