All the trumps in your hand when mowing. The iMow app.

With the new iMow app, fully automatic mowing is even more convenient.

The current version of the iMow app provides for even greater freedom in lawn mowing. With the app, you can access any iMow C model or contact the iMow robotic mower TeaM via your tablet or smartphone, independent of the location.* Thanks to the intuitively designed interface, you have an overview of all the important functions of your robotic mower in real time and can make changes within seconds.

Designed to make operation of our iMow robotic mowers even more convenient, the iMow app represents a high-quality system solution for fully automatic lawn mowing. Its structure is oriented to the needs of our customers who value easy and logical operation. At a glance, you can find information on all important data such as battery charge level and active time or you can spontaneously start the mowing operation or, if necessary, update the mowing plan.

For the iMow robotic mower TeaM MI 632 M, the app serves as a mobile control centre for organising and monitoring the entire team. Thanks to the system, one iMow is sufficient for communicating with the whole TeaM, as the entire data is automatically transmitted to all group members.

The app is available in the app stores for iOs and Android. Alternatively, its functionalities are accessible via a web application at the same time. In order to avoid concerns about monthly or yearly fees, we provide the iMow app and the mobile phone connection for the robotic mower to all users free of charge. So you see: The future of lawn mowing has already begun at VIKING – take the next step yourself.


(Terms of use for the app and the M2M service apply)
Technical requirements for using the app for iMow MI 632 C, MI 632 PC and MI 632 M robotic mower models: Mobile phone connection: When using the app function for the above-named types of iMow robotic mower, a 2G mobile phone signal is required for the robotic mower in the mowing zone.

Devices/operating systems: The iMow robotic mower app can run on tablets and smartphones that use the following operating systems: iOS 9.3, Android 4.4.2 or higher (status: August 2017). Other operating systems are supported by a website solution (web app). Your smartphone or tablet requires an active data connection for you to use the app. Offline use of the app is not possible. The costs for the data connection with smartphone or tablet is not included in the purchase of the robotic mower.

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