The VIKING MA 339 C impresses Stiftung Warentest and the test magazine Konsument

With a solid overall rating of "good", the VIKING MA 339 C emerged as the test winner among the battery-powered lawn mowers tested. It was voted best in the health and environment category, and was rated highly for ease of handling.

In the April issue of Stiftung Warentest and the May issue of the test magazine Konsument, battery-powered lawn mowers from various manufacturers were put to the test. The magazines are known for their tough and challenging tests in a wide range of product categories.  Eleven mowers recommended for lawn areas of 270 to 600 square metres were tested. The test categories were mowing performance, handling, service life of the housing and battery, health and environmental factors as well as safety of the machine.

Best for handling
In the handling category, which was tested by experts and amateur gardeners, the VIKING MA 339 C came out on top. The mower performed particularly well in relation to handling and turning in the test. Thanks to the practical mono-comfort handlebar, the mower can be manoeuvred effortlessly and without major strain and provides comfortable clearance when pushing.

Very good in terms of safety
The VIKING MA 339 C also performed well in this category, scoring a solid 1.0. The machine's mechanical safety was tested along with the electrical safety of the battery.

Good mowing results even in long grass
The VIKING MA 339 C impressed the test experts with its usual good results in the mowing test. The VIKING battery-powered mower was one of only four mowers to achieve good results mowing tall grass.
The ease with which the grass catcher box is emptied and the machine is cleaned and maintained also earned a positive evaluation.

Durable, quiet, pollutant-free and energy-saving
The VIKING MA 339 C performed very well in the mechanical endurance test. The experts simulated 300 mowing operations of 500 square metres – corresponding to the average mowing performance of 10 years.  The service life of the battery was tested separately over 300 charging and discharge cycles and was rated "good".
The MA 339 C achieved the highest rating in the health and environment category for its low energy consumption, the use of pollutant-free material in the handles and low mowing noise.


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